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Dental Services


Comfort Dental Group can provide the dental care and information you need for a confident and healthy smile at any age. Comfort Dental Group is pleased to offer general dentistry in San Jose, including dental cleanings, checkups, and more.

Teeth Whitening, Cavity Fillings, and More

You know that when you have a toothache, it’s time to visit your dentist—but why do you need regular dental checkups if everything seems fine? Whether you have had any problems with your teeth in the past or not, dental checkups play a vital role in your overall health and comfort.

  • Your dental health is related to the overall health of your body. Studies have shown that poor dental health and chronic gum disease can increase your risk for diabetes, stroke, heart attack, and many other chronic conditions.
  • Dental problems such as cavities and gum disease can occur slowly and sometimes without noticeable discomfort or visible changes. Regular checkups are the only way to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy, even if you aren’t experiencing any symptoms.
  • During your visit to the dentist, you will also be given an oral cancer screening. Oral cancer is a very serious disease, but it can be treated successfully if caught in its early stages.
  • Catching any dental problem while it is small is vastly preferable to dealing with a larger issue. Regular checkups will alert your dentist to the need for treatment sooner rather than later, resulting in less invasive and less costly dental care treatment.

Dental Fillings:
The Basics

Cavities are one of the most common dental problems in the U.S., affecting over 90% of the population. When detected early, cavities can be easily treated with a routine dental filling. Cavities occur when the bacteria in your mouth produce acids that damage the enamel of your teeth. Over time, this damage will form a hole, or cavity, in the tooth. If your dentist finds a cavity, several dental services must be performed. First, he will remove any decayed enamel and clean the area of bacteria. Next, a cavity filling is placed to restore the tooth’s original shape and function. There are a variety of dental filling materials available, including metal, resin, and porcelain. The best type of cavity filling for you will depend upon the location and extent of your cavity, as well as your health and personal preferences. If you’d like to learn more about cavities, dental fillings, and other dental care basics, call Comfort Dental Group today at 408-249-8888.

*PPO and private patients only. Not applicable for HDMO