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What to Expect During a Root Canal Procedure

Your dentist will often prescribe root canal therapy for tooth pain from infected roots. The root canal procedure is not much different from a cavity filling, but it will require a crown instead of a filling. Read on to learn more about what to expect in your upcoming root canal procedure near San Jose. root - canal

Sterilizing the Site

Prior to a root canal procedure, your dentist will sterilize the infected tooth and the surrounding area. This is crucial to avoid bacteria getting into your tooth’s roots during the procedure. Your dentist will place a plastic dental dam around the infected tooth to prevent saliva and bacteria from damaging the site. Your dentist will ensure that the entire area is dry and sterile before beginning the procedure.

Treating the Roots

Your dentist will use X-rays of the infected area to determine the best spot to drill. The root canal procedure is similar to drilling and filling a cavity. However, your dentist will likely drill into your tooth from the side, because it will be easier to reach and treat the infected roots. He will then clean out all the infected roots and sterilize the interior. To further protect your tooth’s roots from a future infection, your dentist will fill the roots with a sterile sealant called gutta percha. This rubber-like cement is completely safe for the human body, and it will effectively seal off the roots from any bacteria.

Placing the Crown

Once your dentist has filled the roots with gutta percha, he will prepare the tooth for a crown placement. This part of the procedure may require a second visit. Your dentist will place a temporary crown over the treated tooth. Scans and molds of your tooth will be sent to a laboratory to make the final crown. When you come in for your next appointment, your dentist will cement the crown in place, and your infected tooth will be as good as new.
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