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When you lose a tooth, you should get it replaced as soon as possible to prevent bone resorption and keep your other teeth in place. Many people choose to do this with the help of a dental implant in San Jose. As safe and effective as they can be, many people don’t know much about dental implants. For instance, you might not realize that another cosmetic dentistry treatment, the dental crown, is also involved in the procedure. Keep reading and learn a little bit about the components of a dental implant.

You need to replace both the crown and the root of your tooth when it falls out, or you’ll start to lose mass in your jawbone. The implant is a titanium post that can serve as a substitute for the missing natural tooth root. Your dentist will place the implant, and over time it will fuse to the bone. Then, once the bone and implant have healed, you can place a dental crown over the implant post. The crown will be designed specifically for you, so it will fit into your smile just like any of your other natural teeth.