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Not many people look forward to a visit to the dentist, and may even have some level of fear and anxiety about sitting in the dentist’s chair. Thankfully, those in the dental industry, such as us at Comfort Dental, are constantly creating and researching new ways to improve your visit. Our aim is to make your trip more efficient and comfortable, free of pain and stress. Read on for some of the ways new technology will improve your dentist visit, and then come see us at Comfort Dental for routine or required care.

Faster, more accurate diagnostics

As the years have passed, X-rays have been used in dental offices around the nation more and more — and with good reason. The X-rays we have available to us today provide more accurate imaging, as well as an up to 90% reduction in radiation exposure — which means it’s safer for you, too. The X-rays used in clinics nowadays are digital, meaning they are faster and easily pulled up on a screen for your dentist to clearly explain to you what’s going on in and around your teeth and gums. This technology allows your doctor to see exactly what is going on in your mouth, so there are no guesses or mistakes.

More effective care at home

We all know that the best remedy for any kind of disease or ailment is prevention; maintaining a healthy smile is the best thing you can do. Technological advancements in at-home dental care have also decreased the need for serious procedures at the dentist’s office. These at-home devices include electric toothbrushes and Waterpiks, products which are proven to work much more effectively against gum disease, tooth decay, and plaque buildup.

No more waiting time

In the past, people with smiles that needed fixing due to missing or damaged teeth had to undergo a long process to get their pearly whites back into shape. The process would often include visit after visit to the dentist to be fitted, measured, injected, and more. However, because of the recent use of 3D imaging and printing, the waiting time has been significantly reduced. Thanks to computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (also known as CAD-CAM), a 3D scanner can take a picture of your damaged mouth and a printing device can create your replacement tooth or teeth in a matter of minutes.

By utilizing some of the industry’s latest technologies, the dental professionals at Comfort Dental are here to make your next trip to the dentist more comfortable. Contact us today if you have any questions about these new technologies and how we can use them on your next visit.

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