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Attractive, well-functioning teeth are crucial to a person’s appearance, wellbeing, and overall self-esteem. At dental offices in San Jose, more and more people are coming in for teeth whitening, veneers, and other forms of cosmetic dentistry. The following information explores some of today’s most popular procedures for restoring the natural look, functionality, and whiteness of healthy teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

Dental porcelain has been responsible for some of the finest, strongest, and most natural-looking tooth replacements in modern dentistry. Not only does porcelain allow for beautiful white smiles, but it also withstands all the functions of regular teeth. With veneers, a thin layer of porcelain is applied to the fronts of the teeth, in place of damaged tooth enamel.

Teeth Whitening

The purpose of whitening teeth is to give smiles a cleaner and healthier appearance, the likes of which can fade from natural teeth as age takes its toll. Even on many younger people, the stains of black coffee and cigarette smoke can dim the brightness of otherwise well-formed teeth. With today’s cleaning agents, teeth that are stained, dulled, or browned can usually be restored to pearly whiteness.


Metal—once the mark of an unfortunate tooth—is now a thing of the past thanks to fillings that can blend in with the natural color of teeth. Best of all, the resins used in newer fillings bond much better with teeth than metal, and therefore need little to no repair work down the line.

Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Periodontal plastic surgery involves surgically taking out or putting in gum tissue. The purpose of periodontal plastic surgery is to correct unevenness around the gum line and create a better frame for the teeth. Even though the procedure won’t cure periodontal disease, it can extend the life and restore the usefulness of teeth.