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Could this be the year that you finally get the beautiful smile you want? WithInvisalign in San Jose, you can be on your way to having straight teeth in just months. Invisalign is quickly becoming one of the most popular options for cosmetic dentistry care. If you suffer from misaligned teeth, it’s never too late to correct them with this innovative teeth-straightening treatment.

Discreet Treatment

Perhaps you never got dental care for your misalignment problems because you didn’t want braces. Once you reach adulthood, it can be difficult to undergo treatment that might compromise the way you want to present yourself at work and among friends. With Invisalign, though, you can continue to enjoy the same quality of life without anyone ever knowing about your treatment. The aligners are nearly invisible, and for many people, they are the ideal way to get an even smile without the cosmetic side effects of traditional braces.

Easy Hygiene Maintenance

Are you worried that correcting your misalignment issues might interfere with your oral hygiene routine? Braces often have this side effect, as they can make it difficult to thoroughly clean the teeth and gums around the brackets and wires. Even with rigorous cleaning practices, some people might still suffer from gum disease and cavities while undergoing treatment with braces. Invisalign aligners can easily slip off your teeth when you need to brush or floss them. You can also remove them when you eat so that food particles don’t stick to your aligners and lead to the growth of harmful bacteria.

Versatile Applications

Braces were once the only option dentists could use to address serious misalignment problems. With the continuing improvement of cosmetic dentistry technology, though, the applications for Invisalign treatment are growing. If you suffer from bite problems, gapped teeth, or crooked teeth, you might be the perfect candidate for Invisalign care. All it takes is an initial consultation with an Invisalign professional to determine the nature of your misalignment issues and whether Invisalign can correct them. In many cases, you can begin treatment just weeks after your initial visit and soon have a stunningly straight smile.