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Tooth loss can affect just about anyone, no matter how good of a dental hygiene regimen you follow. In addition to loosing a tooth for reasons related to gum disease or tooth decay, a tooth can be knocked out in an accident or playing sports. No matter the reason for a missing tooth, a gap in your smile is enough to make anyone self conscious about the way they look. A full smile is a confident smile. Dental implants are not only a solution to replace missing teeth, but dental implants are a way to improve your self-image. To learn more about boosting your self-image and other benefits of getting dental implants near San Jose, continue reading.

Feel Better About the Way You Look

A dental implant is as close to a real tooth as you can get. The dental implant is surgically placed into the gums and topped with a crown that is custom made to match your teeth, leaving you with a natural looking substitute for where a tooth once was. In some cases of tooth loss, it is not uncommon for patients to experience changes in the shape of the jaw. Since the dental implant is made to fuse together with existing bone, your face shape is restored. Having a full set of teeth is truly something to smile about.

Improve Your Speech

Teeth play an important role in speech production. Following a tooth extraction, many patients experience problems with speech. With a missing tooth, words may no longer sound the same when you speak, or it may be difficult to speak. With dental implants, speech is not hindered.

Experience Increased Comfort

Once fully healed, a dental implant is designed to be treated the same as any other tooth. You can brush and floss your teeth without any special treatment for your dental implant—it is just like the rest of the teeth in your mouth. Unlike dentures, which can shift in place and can be uncomfortable, you won’t even know your dental implant is there. A dental implant is a convenient, long-term solution for a missing tooth.