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Protecting your mouth is one of the best ways to avoid an unnecessary trip to the dentist for a root canal in San Jose. A root canal procedure is often required for a broken or damaged tooth. While this dentistry technique is common and completely safe, it can often be prevented by taking simple measures to protect your teeth and soft mouth tissues. Keep reading to familiarize yourself with common dental injuries and learn more about how to practice good dental safety habits when you play sports.

Braces Injuries

Many dental injuries incurred during athletic activity are further aggravated by braces. Because traditional metal braces can cause even more serious damage to the surrounding mouth tissue, a dentist usually recommends that athletes who wish to straighten their teeth to invest in Invisalign. With Invisalign, a general or pediatric dentist creates customized clear braces. These plastic aligners straighten teeth affordably and effectively. Because they can be removed when playing sports, they significantly reduce the risk of braces-related injuries.

Protective Measures

As your dental office will advise, you can take important protective measures to keep your neck, head, and jaw safe while playing sports. A helmet is the most basic requirement for any athlete who plays contact sports. In dentistry, a helmet is recommended for football, rugby, polo, and lacrosse players. Dentists also suggest that anyone who participates in biking or mountain biking wears a helmet at all times. Without a helmet, you could suffer injuries to your tongue, jaw, head, neck, and teeth.

Essential Mouthguards

The best way to preserve your oral health is to invest in a mouthguard. Dentists today can create customized mouthguards that fit perfectly against your teeth and gums. These mouthguards are completely comfortable—and highly effective. A mouthguard protects the teeth, gums, and soft mouth tissue from injury. Mouthguards should be worn while participating in any athletic activity, including contact sports, soccer, and gymnastics.