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One common form of restorative dentistry at dental offices serving San Jose is dental inlays. Dental inlays are used like a dental filling to fill in a damaged area between the cusps, or points, of a back tooth. This alternative to dental fillings is a very popular choice because it can restore the look of back teeth without any metal and they tend to be less costly than dental crowns.

After you and your dentist have discussed the possibility of a dental inlay, you will schedule two appointments. During the first appointment, a mold will be made of the tooth and treatment area. Then, you will be fitted with a temporary inlay to keep the treatment area protected. This temporary filling may be similar to a temporary crown one would receive after a root canal procedure. After a week or so, you will go in for your second appointment, where the final inlay will be ready for you. Your dentist will remove the temporary inlay and make sure the permanent inlay fits correctly. The entire process should be quick and easy for your convenience.