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Have you been feeling self-conscious or even depressed because of your missing teeth? If this is the case, then ask your dentist about dental implants near San Jose. Many patients begin to feel more confident than ever after a dental implant procedure. They can smile, speak, and chew knowing they are fully supported by their dental implants. Read on to discover more about the potential benefits that dental implants can provide.


Smile Beautifully

Chances are you do not smile very often if you are missing teeth. You may feel self-conscious that people will stare or comment. You may not want to look at a reminder in pictures. No matter the reason you do not want to smile, there is hope with dental implants. Dental implants provide a permanent and effective solution to restoring your smile to its former glory. Implant-supported dentures or crowns can be color-matched and custom-fit to your natural teeth so no one will ever know you have missing teeth.

Chew Painlessly

Perhaps you suffer from teeth or gum infections regularly. Sometimes, these infections may not always be from poor dental care, but due to medications or a poor immune system. With these oral and dental infections, it can be painful to chew even the softest of foods. This may lead to poor nutritional habits, which may be a further health risk. With dental implants, the infections can be removed, and you can chew painlessly and normally again. The dentures or crowns that usually accompany implants are incredibly strong and will allow you to eat normal meats and vegetables.

Speak Confidently

Many times, patients with missing teeth notice their speech sounds different. They may have a whistle or lisp as their teeth and tongue hit their lips oddly or in different places. Implant-supported crowns will fill in those missing gaps, allowing you to speak clearly and without difficulty. You can go through life feeling and speaking more confident than you ever knew possible.