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Root canal procedures are a routine practice among dentists, because they are similar to filling a dental cavity. Though a root canal procedure is more involved than receiving a dental filling, both are used to correct tooth pain in San Jose. However, there are more signs than tooth pain that you may need a root canal procedure. Here are the common signs that you may need your root canals treated soon:

  • When you have tooth pain for an extended time. Your tooth may hurt whenever you bite down, drink something hot or cold, and if you touch it.
  • If you notice swelling near a painful tooth, then this is a sign there has been trauma or infection involved.
  • You may also notice discoloration on a tooth, though it may not hurt when you touch it or bite down.
  • If you had a recent dental emergency that resulted in a cracked or broken tooth, then it may develop an infection in the root canals. Visit your dentist whenever you have a dental emergency to ensure there are no future infections.