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The Importance of Seasonal Dental Checkups

The Importance of Seasonal Dental Checkups You have always wondered why you need to go to the dentist every six months. You brush your teeth twice a day, you floss regularly, and you stay away from ...
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Protecting Your Teeth from Winter Weather

Protecting Your Teeth from Winter Weather Winter is coming and you have already started making the necessary preparations. You dragged out your cold-weather gear weeks ago to check if you had ...
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Custom Made Mouthpieces for Teenagers in Sports

Custom Made Mouthpieces for Teenagers in Sports Do your teenagers spend more time on the soccer field than they do on homework? Do you have kids who are into baseball? Or is your teenager planning to ...
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Ways Technology Has Improved Your Visit to the Dentist

Ways Technology Has Improved Your Visit to the Dentist Not many people look forward to a visit to the dentist, and may even have some level of fear and anxiety about sitting in the dentist’s ...
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Different Components of Dental Implants

When you lose a tooth, you should get it replaced as soon as possible to prevent bone resorption and keep your other teeth in place. Many people choose to do this with the help of a dental implant in ...
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Want to Straighten Your Smile? Consider Invisalign!

Everybody loves a straight smile. Alternatively, malocclusions can throw off your bite, affect your speech, and bring down your confidence. If you have problems to correct, talk to your dental clinic ...
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How Hookah Smoking Affects Your Health

We’ve come to realize that smoking is bad for your health, but cigarettes still get a bulk of the attention. Smoking tobacco in any form, however, can have an impact on your wellbeing, your ...
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Dealing with Gum Disease Before It Leads to Tooth Loss

Proper dental care in San Jose keeps your teeth bright and your gums healthy, and part of your care is knowing how to deal with an oral health condition. Knowing the symptoms of gum disease and the ...
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How Are Teeth Prepared for Veneers?

If you are uncomfortable with the appearance of your smile, talk to your dental care professional about the benefits of veneers. Dental veneers are designed to cover up cracks, stains, and other ...
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Toothaches: When Does Pain Become an Emergency?

Whether they are mild or severe, toothaches are always uncomfortable. To protect your oral health, it is critical to identify when your toothache is more than just a minor annoyance. When you are ...
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Choosing the Right Foods for Healthy Teeth

In order to avoid the need for urgent dental care in San Jose, make sure to eat a diet that promotes proper oral health. This video will provide you with an overview of how to choose the right foods ...
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Preventing Problems with Your Dental Implants

A missing tooth can affect the beauty and health of your natural smile. If you have suffered an injury or had a dental condition resulting in tooth loss, talk to your dentist about dental implants. A ...
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Tips for Maintaining Your Laser Teeth Whitening Results

Leaving the office after a new treatment in cosmetic dentistry in San Jose is a great feeling. Some people forget that they have to maintain their results if they want to keep their smiles looking ...
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FAQs About Dental Emergencies

You don’t necessarily need to see the dentist every time you experience tooth pain in San Jose, but you should know when you’re suffering from a real issue. Not everyone knows what does or ...
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Examining the Different Parts of the Tooth

While it’s not imperative that you know everything about your teeth, it can help when you practice dental hygiene or seek dental services in San Jose. Knowing what’s going on can help you ...
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How Should I Care for My Dental Implants?

Your new dental implant in San Jose can be life changing, but it’s up to you whether it changes your life in a good way or a bad way. When you get a new dental implant, you should strive to keep ...
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Why You Shouldn't Ignore Your Gingivitis Symptoms

Gingivitis is the first sign of gum disease. It can cause swollen, bleeding gums, and bad breath, as well as receding gums and ulcers. If you notice these symptoms, it is important to seek dental care ...
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Signs You May Need Emergency Dental Care

Not all oral health problems can wait for dental care during office hours. Your dentist should treat an emergency as soon as possible, to prevent the issue from becoming worse. How can you tell when ...
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Top Reasons to Consider Dental Implants

If you have missing teeth, dental implants can help you feel more confident in your smile without some of the complications associated with other restorations. Make an appointment for dental care in ...
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Hear What Moms Think About Invisalign

Invisalign is a popular cosmetic dentistry treatment in San Jose for adults, but it is right for teens? Watch this video to hear from real moms of Invisalign patients and find out about their ...
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When to See a Dentist About Your Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars that usually erupt between the ages of 16 and 20. Although not everyone develops wisdom teeth, and some people only have two, the average person will have four ...
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Treating Common Dental Emergencies

While no one wants to deal with a dental emergency, quick action can alleviate your pain and even save your tooth. If you need urgent dental care near San Jose, then continue reading to learn about ...
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How Do Dental Implants Work?

Today, dental implants continue to grow in popularity as an ideal treatment for missing teeth and an effective way of stabilizing dentures. If you’re interested in taking advantage of dental ...
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Oral Care During Cancer Treatment

Although regular dental clinic visits are always important, they can be even more so for cancer patients. If you’re undergoing cancer treatment, then watch this video to learn about the ...
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Spotlight on Composite Fillings

Sometimes, proper dental care in San Jose includes restorations in addition to dental hygiene and visits to the dentist’s office. Fillings help to address tooth decay and refresh your smile, and ...
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