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Losing a tooth to periodontal disease or another cause can damage one’s confidence and healthy smile. Having missing teeth can have a large impact on one’s personal and professional life, as your smile conveys a lot to the outside world about you. Fortunately, a dental implant procedure near San Jose can provide you with a durable, long-term solution, as it replaces not only your tooth, but also the root. In order to prepare you for your dental implant procedure, here is a breakdown of what you can expect when you get your dental implants.

Bone Grafting

Your dental implant procedure is not a quick fix, but a long lasting one. Usually, this procedure is done in multiple stages. Not everyone will have bone grafting as part of his or her procedure, but it is possible. If your jaw is not thick or strong enough for the root portion of the dental implant, bone grafting will be required. Once the bone grafting procedure takes place, you will need to heal for up to a few months.

Implant Placement

During this stage of the process, your dentist will expose your jawbone and drill a hole where the implant will be placed. The implant’s metal post, which acts as the root, will be placed deep into the bone. This will allow it towithstand the pressure of chewing over the years. There may still be a gap where your tooth is missing, but it can be filled with a temporary replacement.

Abutment and Tooth Replacement

After your jawbone heals from the implant process, which can take several months, you may need an abutment surgery to make it possible to secure the dental crown that will act as your replacement tooth. If an abutment is necessary, your gums may need a couple of weeks to heal. When your gums are ready, you will be ready for your new crown. This crown will be placed where your tooth was missing to give you a long-lasting, radiant smile.