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When you visit your dentist prior to your dental implant procedure near San Jose, you will discuss what type of dentures you should receive: conventional or immediate. Both have their pros and cons, though most people do well with either option. If you are interested in immediate dentures after a tooth extraction, then continue reading to see if they are the right choice for you.

Many patients choose immediate dentures because the dental appliances are molded and available prior to the removal of damaged or inadequately supported natural teeth. As soon as the teeth have been removed, the patient has the option to put the dentures in. This option is ideal for those patients who do not want to wait through several weeks of healing without teeth. However, as the gums are healing, they tend to become less swollen and may reshape slightly. Immediate dentures will not fit the same at the end of the healing period, warranting further appointments to make adjustments to the dentures. If you are unsure of the best option for you, consult your dentist for a personalized recommendation.