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Dental implants in San Jose have become popular dental treatments for a multitude of different reasons. If tooth loss has you worried about the shape of your face, you can use dental implants to maintain your natural look. You can also use this treatment to eat and speak with comfort, and dental implants can even keep your remaining teeth from shifting out of place. Continue reading for a closer look at some of the important benefits of dental implants.

Maintain the Shape of Your Face

Your teeth serve a variety of purposes, and a few of them involve your aesthetic appearance. The healthy adult teeth in your mouth help to maintain your appearance, but tooth loss can set you back. When you lose a tooth, the root will no longer stimulate your jawbone. This can lead to resorption, or the reduction of bone mass in your jaw. In addition to making it more difficult to seek treatment, resorption can change the overall appearance of your face and lead to a sunken-in look. Dental implants will replace the roots of your missing teeth and continue to stimulate your jawbone so that resorption does not occur. This will allow you to keep the face that you and your friends know and love.

Eat and Speak Comfortably

Simple tasks can become much more difficult when you lose a few teeth, so don’t take your oral health for granted. Depending on which teeth are missing, pronouncing certain words can become difficult; dental implants seek to reverse this issue. On a similar note, chewing your food can be arduous if you don’t have healthy teeth with which to do so. Your dental implants will allow you to speak and eat comfortably and normally like you always have.

Keep Other Teeth in Place

One often overlooked role of teeth is to keep other teeth in place. When a gap opens up, neighboring teeth may gradually shift out of position and into the gap. You can fill this gap with a dental implant to make sure the teeth surrounding the space stay where they are meant to be located.