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Whether a tooth was knocked-out or extracted due to an infection, the health consequences are often the same. Patients may experience bone loss, malnourishment, and lowered self-esteems. Many of these symptoms can be avoided with proper dental care and dental implants in San Jose. Continue reading for a closer look at the health consequences that patients may experience with one or more missing teeth.


When a patient has even one missing tooth, he risks the possibility of malnourishment. This occurs when the body does not receive the proper nutrients—such as proteins, vitamins, fiber, and more—to lead a healthy lifestyle. If a patient is missing one or more teeth, then he is at risk of not being able to eat certain foods, like meat and vegetables, to complete a healthy diet.

Bone Loss

Once a tooth has been lost, that area of the mouth and jawbone risks degradation and bone loss. This can affect the shape of the mouth and the facial skin, resulting in an aged or saggy appearance. With dental implants, which are implanted directly into the jawbone, there is less chance of bone loss and the various problems that come with it.

Weak Remaining Teeth

When there is bone loss in the jawbone, the gums and connective tissues begin to shrink in response. As the gums of the missing tooth socket shrink, the neighboring teeth’s gums may also shrink. With these connective tissues shrinking, the teeth are likely to become weakened and loose. Patients may end up needing further dental care to prevent gum disease, weakened teeth, or further tooth extractions.

Low Self-Esteem

Missing teeth will often affect a patient’s emotional and mental outlook, which can lead to other health problems. Patients may have lowered self-esteem and self-confidence, which may result in depression, lack of speaking, and lack of eating. Any of these emotional and physical side effects can be corrected with dental implants to better patients’ smiles.