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There may be times in your life when you accidentally crack your dentures, chip one of the teeth, or damage it in another way. No matter the reason, this is not a time to panic. Trust the experienced and efficient staff at Comfort Dental to provide you with quick, same-day dental care on your dentures in San Jose.

You may be tempted to run down to the drugstore to buy an over-the-counter, denture repair solution, but this could be a big mistake for the future function of your dentures and dental care. The staff at Comfort Dental have the necessary products, training, and experience to know the correct way to repair your dentures so they will continue to function like new. There is a greater plus to trusting the staff at Comfort Dental though; they can perform the necessary repairs within the same day! Instead of going through your day with only your dental implants and no dentures, Comfort Dental can repair the defect in the same day to return your dentures, and your smile, to you as soon as possible.