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When looking for a comfortable and efficient orthodontic treatment in San Jose, Invisalign should be top on your list. With Invisalign, your crooked or gapped teeth will be straightened and corrected in a shorter amount of time than with metal bracket-and-wire braces. In addition to choosing Invisalign, you should be discerning with the dental office you choose to work with. Comfort Dental Group offers a comprehensive package with your Invisalign choice. Here is why you should choose Comfort Dental Group for your Invisalign care:

When you schedule your first Invisalign consultation, your Comfort Dental dentist and staff will go over the reasons why Invisalign is the right orthodontic choice for you. Impressions and x-rays will also be taken during this visit. During your next follow-up visit—typically within 10 days—your dentist will outline your entire treatment. You will see a computer modeling of your entire treatment time and how your teeth will look throughout the process. You will receive your Invisalign aligners and begin the rewarding experience of correcting your smile. Comfort Dental Group will be with you the entire time, so you will feel supported and happy throughout your experience.