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Dental implants near San Jose are a great way to restore patients’ smiles. However, dental implants are not as effective if the patient uses tobacco, and there is a chance the implants could fail. Tobacco use lowers the immune system and reduces bone strength, which are leading factors to a successful dental implant procedure. Let’s look at the problems and solutions associated with dental implants and tobacco use.

Problem: Increase Implant Failure

Though dental implants are often a permanent dental restoration, there are certain situations that may cause them to fail. Smoking cigarettes is one of the main causes for dental implant failure. Several studies have concluded that smoking cigarettes can increase a patient’s risk of bone loss and bone weakness. Dental implants are placed directly into the jawbone, and over several months, they will fuse with the bone. If a patient’s bone is weakened or depleted due to cigarettes, then there is a higher risk of implant failure.

Problem: Reduced Immune System

Tobacco use has also been proven to lower the immune system, which can affect how well a patient heals following the implant procedure. As patients’ immune systems are negatively affected, the body cannot easily fight off illnesses or focus on healing itself after the dental implant surgery. This can affect the failure or success of an implant surgery, and it can make the healing process longer and more difficult.

Solution: Avoid Tobacco Use

To prevent these common problems associated with tobacco use, patients should avoid it at all costs. Consult a dentist, medical specialist, or therapist for various ways to quit smoking or chewing tobacco. Consider over-the-counter quitting aids, and look for support groups to help quit and avoid all forms of tobacco use.

Solution: Strengthen Your Immune System

There are several ways to strengthen the immune system leading up to and following a dental implant surgery. Patients should maintain healthy dental care, along with a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Patients may also consider taking vitamin supplements, such as vitamin C, to further strengthen the immune system against outside viruses and bacteria.