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It’s important to take care of your oral health and practice proper dental hygiene each and every day, but even the most diligent brushers and flossers may run into issues every now and then. A dental abscess may qualify as a dental emergency in San Jose, and it can come with some painful symptoms. If you think you might be experiencing a dental abscess, it’s a good idea to talk to your emergency dentist as soon as you can. Feel free to continue reading if you would like to find out what exactly a dental abscess is.

An infection in any part of the body can be painful, but a dental abscess can put you in significant discomfort when you attempt to chew your food and enjoy a meal. In the case of a dental abscess, the infection exists either between your gum and your tooth or in your tooth’s root. You can end up dealing with a dental abscess as a result of a trauma to the face, neglecting your dental hygiene, or the effects of gum disease. In addition to aches and pains, an abscess can come with bad breath, swollen gums, and sensitivity to temperature.